Monday, May 4, 2009

Dita Von Teese's Fabulous "McCougar" Breakfast Sandwich

One of my favorite ladies, the fabulous Dita Von Teese, shares what looks like a delicious recipe for her Truffle Breakfast Sandwich or "The McCougar" on her webpage. Check it out here.

Dita's Trufflicious Breakfast Sandwich or "The McCougar"

1 Egg
Dash of olive oil
One english muffin, lightly toasted
Black truffle butter
Truffle gatherer's sauce

Fry one egg in a small pan greased with a little bit of olive oil, or better still, truffle infused olive oil! I cook mine in a silly little egg mould to keep the shape. (Yeah, mine is daisy shaped.) Fry on one side until set, then remove the mould if you're using one, and flip over and cook until egg yolk is as you like it! I like my yolk to be soft-set, like jelly, but you might like yours softer or harder.

Butter one side of the hot muffin with the truffle butter, and spread the other side with the truffle sauce. I also like to salt the egg a bit with truffle salt, also available online. (I tried to warn you that I am a truffle-fanatic! Truffle salt makes EVERYTHING better!!)

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