Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Craving for Coach

A couple of days ago one of my very best girlfriends and I had a shopping date together. Let me clarify - she was shopping and I was the bad influence on the other end of the phone. You know you have a good girlfriend when she sits patiently on hold while you try on a hot new pair of jeans at Express. Moving forwards...this particular friend of mine has done nothing but speak of for years her desire to own a Coach purse. I share with her a fear of owning anything even remotely sophisticated because when you have small children that is almost like begging for an accident to happen. But damnit...we deserve to own at least one of the highly coveted items on our lists. We've earned it. So my friend (with some persuading) bought herself the big girl purse (as seen above).

Now damnit..I have myself a craving for Coach. This is an urge that can only be satisfied one way. Here are some of my top picks..just in case I cave into these cravings.
My TOP PICK. Classic, goes with everything. The Madison Embellished Leather Large Sophia Satchel, $598.For when I'm feeling hot and trendy. The Poppy Petal Print Glam Tote, $198.
Ok maybe this one is my very favorite. A girl is allowed to change her mind (it's my FAVE color). The Leather Alexandria Tote in Silver/Lilac, $358.

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