Thursday, February 10, 2011

Swoon Worthy Kitchens

This photo is the inspiration behind my new new kitchen which is still under construction. I love all the pretty pastels. *swoon* Photo from Living Etc.I ADORE this shot of a cupcake themed kitchen (which is also going to be the theme of our newly decorated kitchen) from Flickr member Gina678.
This BEAUTIFUL kitchen from Coastal Living takes my breathe away.
Another pretty kitchen from Coastal Living. I love the soft green hutch and rose covered chair.


michellel said...

What is that spice rack? I LOVE it!

itmom said...

Isn't it beautiful?? 10 points to anyone who can tell us what that thing is and where we can get one!!

Joy said...

I don't know if they ship to Canada... but that is a food storage cabinet found here -

itmom said...

Joy you rock!! Thanks for the tip!! :)